Top 50 Twitter Feeds for Runners

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It takes a certain type of person to become a “runner.” Dedication and determination are two key components of regularly running, taking up marathons and participating in local running groups. Running is a great way to maintain your health, relieve stress and get in touch with your well-being. These Twitter feeds will keep you motivated and offer running tips and tricks to make your run a smooth one.

Companies and Organizations

These companies and organizations are using Twitter to keep up with the public.

  1. @halfmarathons: This is the Twitter feed for the online guide devoted to helping people condition and train for half-marathons.
  2. @runningtimes: This online magazine tweets and is a great source for runners.
  3. @Flotrack: Follow this site for tips on conditioning and amazing video footage of top track and field runners.
  4. @B_A_A : This is the official Twitter account of the Boston Marathon. Learn how and when to sign up.
  5. @NYRunningCo: The store that’s for runners by runners and tweets about functional merchandise for athletes.
  6. @TeamStrands: This is the Twitter home of a post-collegiate team with Olympic hopefuls. Follow it for inspiration and news on these budding stars.
  7. @Runnerworld: Get all of your running news and tips from the web’s favorite source..
  8. @65MilesForKids: This marathon is dedicated to helping the kids and supports child healthcare and education.
  9. @INGRunnerNation: ING is a huge advocate of runners and has the constant tweets with tips and helpful RTs to prove it.
  10. @NewBalBoston: Follow this elite running team as they conquer races worldwide while maintaining full-time jobs and families.
  11. @worldrunday: Cities all over the globe are participating in this year’s World Run Day. Find out about hosting a marathon in your town. All proceeds going to charity.
  12. @GlobeMarathon: The Boston Globe tweets all marathon news right to your screen.
  13. @MS Run the US: Check out the feed for this runner who founded the America for MS run.
  14. @running_skirts: This company is eager to interact with female runners and have a loyal clientele that send in action shots of running in skirts!
  15. @Cool_Running: The Twitter account for the online guide to running, which includes the famous couch-to-5K plan.

Runners and Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

These are the top runners and bloggers who cover running and tweet about it!

  1. @NYDNrunning: The New York Daily News writer blogs about training for her first marathon.
  2. @amarathoner_com: This runner tweets with a passion for running and if you’re impressed by this you have to read his blog…talk about intense!
  3. @BrennanAnnie: Constant motivation and encouragement come from this blogger who runs, bikes and swims.
  4. @Coupleontherun: This couple tweet and run together, proving running must be the ultimate stress reliever.
  5. @runningbebe: This runner offers great advice for training on Twitter and at her website.
  6. @MamacitaTri: Tri-athalons are this mom’s game and she’s always offering enthusiastic support to runners on Twitter.
  7. @BklynRunner: This runner is fun on Twitter, but the real party happens at her blog where it’s non-stop training tips and marathon recaps.
  8. @PunkRockRuner: Be prepared for the lighter side of running with this runner who blogs about his tri-athalon exploits.
  9. @PinkChickRunner: This blogger started tri-athalons at the age of 55. Follow her tweets for motivation and inspiration to get you running.
  10. @runs2eat: This mom is ready to run and has great tips, including snack ideas for athletes.
  11. @weightinvain: Follow this Chicago runner and she looks to get in shape and lose the weight for good.
  12. @rgulrjoerunning: This regular Joe provides running tips through his Twitter feed and his website.
  13. @RunMikeRun: This guy’s training for his first half-marathon and tweets all about it.
  14. @run_girl_run: This runner tweets about her training exploits and also has a running website that’s packed with including delicious recipes to fuel you.
  15. @iRun2BeFit: It’s all running tweets all of the time as this blogger preps for her first marathon.
  16. @runninglam: This NYC-based running blogger tweets about his training and pens a stellar blog with tracks and tips for runners in the area.
  17. @runningbecause: He’s a runner and writes about it for a living. Follow his tweets because he’s a pro on the subject.
  18. @seattlerungirl: This Seattle-based blogger is getting in shape and writing all about it.
  19. @RunAttitude: Get ready for positivity and encouragement from this running blogger.
  20. @iRunnerBlog: The main Twitter account for the iRunner website, this guy talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to running.
  21. @NordicMoxie: Just her tweets will be enough to get you outside and moving, since she does more physical activity in a day than most of us do all week (sad, but true).
  22. @gpsrunner: Did you know your GPS can aide your running? Learn how from this blogger who writes on the subject.
  23. @runnerNYC: This runner is always looking to interact with fellow athletes on Twitter.
  24. @runpdx: This mom is a runner who’s now training for tri-athalons and has a husband who participates in IronMan. Those must be some fit kids!
  25. @Running_Fox: Dance Mind is penned by an anonymous professional ballerina in conjunction with her therapist and talks about the trials that come with this demanding job.
  26. @idiotrunner: This former smoker is getting a handle on health by taking up running.
  27. @AndSoiRan: Follow this health blogger as she whips into shape and discovers running. There is tons of advice for runners of all stages at her site.
  28. @RunUltras: It’s mostly running chatter from this marathon vet who knows a thing or two about training.
  29. @fatmenrunning: Big guys who are training can get inspiration and tips from this guy who’s doing the same.
  30. @SeeKrisRun: This health nut is in the biz, knows what it takes to train and isn’t afraid to share her secrets.
  31. @runjohnerun: Follow this Bostonian as he trains for the big day (and we aren’t talking about a wedding).
  32. @TriciaRunning: This mom runs, proving to the rest of us, there’s no such thing as being “too busy” to be in shape.
  33. @runnerkelly: This Austinite runs marathons and is always one to lend running advice on Twitter.
  34. @lucky7runner: This runner provides constant Twitter updates and while she no longer writes her blog, the archives are full of tips and positivity for runners.
  35. @runnersrambles: This blogger writes about running 24/7 and is eager to share smart tips.

Runners all over the world are uniting through social media. Learn tricks for beginning to train to making it through your first marathon with the constant stream of chatter on Twitter revolving around the subculture of runners.