Top 50 MMA Bloggers

11 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Feature

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a brutal spectacle to watch. As the opponents do everything but throw the kitchen sink at each other, you may wonder what exactly is going on. Or you may really love it. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most rapidly growing sports in America. MMA is unpredictable and full of excitement at every turn. We’ve combed the Net to help you find the top 50 MMA bloggers, and here they are…

Magazines and Newspapers

These blogs are written by professional journalists.

  1. TKO: The Daily Mirror’s online home covers MMA in detail on the TKO blog.
  2. Dallas MMA Blog – ESPN Dallas: Andrew Plante, Sean Malone, and Anthony Njokuani discuss MMA news from the nation and the North Texas area.
  3. Inside the Octagon: Inside The Octagon is the MMA blog of, the website for New York’s Lower Hudson Valley.
  4. Mixed Martial Arts Blog: John Morgan, a leading MMA reporter, blogs for The Dallas Morning News here.
  5. UFC : Cagewriter – Yahoo! Sports Blog: Cagewriter is the Yahoo! Sports MMA blog. Covering the ultimate fighting world with aplomb, the Yahoo! Team of bloggers know the sport well.
  6. Fighters Only Magazine Blog: This UK-based MMA publication features commentary on the latest fights as well as an always-busy forum.
  7. MMA Stomping Grounds: Stomping Grounds is the informative and frequently updated blog of the Baltimore Sun.

Multi-Writer MMA Blogs

  1. Cage Pages | A MMA blog for diehard MMA fans: Cage Pages is a news and blog site on the Fan Sided Network featuring the writing of Josh Sanchez, a MMA expert.
  2. Five Ounces of Pain: Five Ounces Of Pain covers Strikeforce, UFC , Bellator, and other MMA circuits on their blog.
  3. MMA Insider Blog: The MMA Insider blog gives you all the latest news you won’t find on other MMA blogs, including exclusive interviews.
  4. Friday MMA Blog: At MMAblips, get a cool mix of blogs and news from all over the Net.
  5. MMAjunkie: MMA Junkie is one of the leading MMA websites online, featuring tons of exclusive news articles, interviews, and opinion pieces.
  6. MMA Blog: MMA Blog has a striking dark theme and some solid content about the recent fights.
  7. Sherdog Blog: A five-member editorial team and a huge stable of contributors keep the MMA posts coming on Sherdog.
  8. Bloody Elbow: Bloody Elbow says they’re the best place for news, commentary, and community online “pound for pound.”
  9. Cage Potato features photos of the “ring girls” on its site, as well as training videos and a discussion forum.
  10. Cage Today Blog: Cage Today gives you overall rankings, an event listing, and a MMA directory in addition to a great blog.

Individual MMA Blogs

  1. Ronin5 Martial Arts Blog: Ivan provides interesting video, links and analysis on his MMA blog.
  2. Let There Be Fight: At Let There Be Fight, see video, photos, and interviews from Matt Kaplan.
  3. MMA FIGHT VIDEO DEPOT | MMA FIGHTS: Get awesome free fight videos and news on this blog.
  4. MMA Game – Fantasy Betting League: MMA Game Blog gives readers fantasy betting information.
  5. MMA Blog – Mixed Martial Arts Blog: John Fordyce posts videos and commentary about MMA events on his blog.
  6. Punch Kick Choke- the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Blog: The writer of Punch Kick Choke displays humor and intelligence when predicting fight outcomes.
  7. Suki MMA: This page has Japanese MMA news translated to English for a bigger audience.
  8. The MMA Fighter Blog: Every day the MMA Fighter Blog has fresh, new content for your reading enjoyment.
  9. Cooper’s Pick: Cooper’s Pick is the rare bookmaking website that provides in-depth analysis of the fights.
  10. Atlantic MMA Blog: Combined with fight analysis are tips about how to eat healthier and get yourself in shape to fight.
  11. MMA Blog: Liam Gyson posts information about the theory of MMA as well as fight results and opinion.
  12. DFN Sports MMA Blog: DFN Sports writes this witty and insightful blog about fight results and event recaps.
  13. MMA Blog | Mixed Martial Arts Blog | EA SPORTS: If you like playing the EA SPORTS MMA game, you can’t miss this behind-the-scenes blog.
  14. Fight3r: At Fight3r, you can read the best blog posts from the MMA world.
  15. Read the latest UFC news and read exclusive player interviews.
  16. Fight Opinion: At FightOpinion, Zach Arnold blogs about media coverage of fights as well as the future of MMA as a sport.
  17. Grapple Monkey: Grapplemonkey posts news about MMA and links from around the world that you might not see on another blog.
  18. M1-Global is one of the main MMA leagues in the world, featuring stars like Fodor Emelianenko.
  19. Mid-Atlantic MMA: Mid-Atlantic Mixed Martial Arts covers both the national fight scene and the regional action.
  20. MMA Blogger: This blog is about jiu-jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai and other hand-to-hand, weapon-free combat.
  21. MMA News & Blog: At MMA Chump, read the latest MMA news and listen to the weekly “radio” show about the UFC.
  22. News & Blogs | MMA News and MMA fighter blogs: MMA Jacked has almost 20 different user blogs hosted on their website, for a fun mix of news and opinions.
  23. MMA Mania: MMA Mania focuses on the UFC news, results, and gossip that make the fights so interesting.
  24. MMA R Us: Always providing readers with the latest MMA news, MMA R Us also has good analysis of each fight.
  25. MMA Scraps: MMA Scraps combines individual fighter pages with a smart, well-written blog that pulls no punches when it comes to fight analysis.
  26. MMA Video Blog: MMA “log” has many good fight videos dating all the way back to May 2007.
  27. MMA Blog: Good fight commentary on the UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, Bellator, Shine Fights, MMA Big Show, and ICF leagues.
  28. The Arena – MMA Blog: This is the blog of The Arena, a premier fighting gym in San Diego.
  29. MMA News Blog: The MMA News combines photos, videos and blog entries from around the Web.
  30. Bipolar Puncher: Get fight analysis and commentary plus the latest MMA news here.
  31. World Extreme Cagefighting: Get all the latest news and results from World Extreme Cagefighting here.
  32. Wrestling 101 Blogs ” MMA Scene: Wrestling 101’s website has embraced MMA events and commentary.