Top 40 Free iPad Apps for Sports Fans

21 Jun, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Feature

Let’s face it. You probably blew all your extra spending money just buying a new iPad. So it’s likely that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on apps right now. Luckily for sports fans, there are some great free iPad apps out there that will be great to waste time with. I mean, great free iPad apps that will make your sports fandom much more efficient.

Coverage Of Specific Sports

  1. NBA GameTime Courtside: Get video highlights before, during, and after the big basketball game.
  2. NHL Ice Time Playoffs: Exclusive video highlights and scores from the NHL playoffs.
  3. Nike Football: Team Edition: Coaching a rec league football team? This app gives you tools to track team performance.
  4. IZOD IndyCar Series: This is your one-stop media destination for IndyCar news and highlights.
  5. Soccer Fever HD: Covers every aspect of major soccer events such as the 2010 World Cup.
  6. A Tennis Video HD: Get video highlights from majors and other tennis news.
  7. FenwayNation: It’s all Sawx, all the time from this Boston-based website.
  8. iFooty: Complete coverage of all things related to Premier League football and the English national team.
  9. Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest: Yankees and Mets fans, look no further.
  10. Indy Racing Revolution : The latest independent news, analysis, and information from the world of IndyCar.
  11. HockeyInfos: If you are a fan of field hockey, this app is a must-have. Covers German and Swiss field hockey leagues.
  12. Athletics Weekly: Covers everything from the world of track and field.
  13. 2010 Football News HD: Get everything you need to follow the 2010 World Cup here.

General Sports News

  1. Zinio Magazine Reader: Includes free versions of magazines like SportingNews.
  2. Dailymotion: Get the latest highlights from across the sporting world.
  3. NCAA Photos for iPad: This app delivers breathtaking photos of Final Four and other NCAA action to your iPad.
  4. Western Pennsylvania News: Covers all the local teams such as the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.
  5. USA Today for iPad: USA Today’s graphics-heavy content is perfect for the iPad.
  6. NPR for iPad: NPR does cover sports, just probably not the way you might expect.
  7. Sports Radio NY:  Stay connected to New York sports talk.
  8.  Your Japanese and English source for world sports news.
  9. FanFeedr: Track all the sports you love with FanFeedr.
  10. xFeed RSS Reader: Get feeds from all your favorite websites with this free app.
  11. SportsTap: Get detailed box scores for every sport, from around the world.
  12. EuroSport for iPad: Get all the latest developments in European sports.
  13. Blogs With Balls: This app gives you the latest from Blogs with Balls.

More Fun For Fans

  1. Baseball Gameplan with Jason Giambi: This is the top-selling baseball instructional app on iPhone and iPad. Features tips and drills.
  2. steeRIKE! Pitch Counter: This app was developed for Little League and school team audiences.
  3. Skateboard Tricktionary: Never be confused again by your friends’ skater lingo.
  4. Health Calc XLAre you following sports so much that you’re neglecting your own health? This app will tell you.
  5. Giant Scoreboard: Use your iPad as a giant scoreboard for your pickup games.
  6. free for the iPad: Know the forecast for the big game.
  7. Wikipanion: Quickly search Wikipedia for stats and information on your favorite sports figures.
  8. Beat the Traffic: Make it to the game on time with real-time traffic news.

Sports Games for the iPad

  1. Baseball Fever for iPad: This is a fun 3D baseball game.
  2. Paper Football HD: Paper football you can play anywhere, even if you don’t have a paper football.
  3. Sportsbook $30K HD: It’s simulated sports book action for the iPad. For serious pretend gamblers only.
  4. Touch Hockey Extreme: Everything you love about air hockey, without the machine getting broken or stuck.
  5. Hit Tennis 2: The most popular free tennis game on iTunes.
  6. Crazy Snowboard HD Lite: This is a fun snowboarding game.