The Top 35 Fencing Blogs

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Fencing is one of the oldest sports in existence, being one of only four sports that have appeared in each one of the modern Olympic Games. Male and female fencers alike say they enjoy the sport for its intellectual aspects, for the strategy, for the adrenaline rush of the competition, and for the intense physical challenges. In different parts of America, you’ll find kids as young as 5 years old learning how to fence, you’ll find businessmen skipping lunch for fencing bouts, and young adults winning scholarships for their fencing skill. If you are an avid fencer or would like to learn more, we recommend these top 35 fencing blogs.

Olympic Fencers’ Blogs

Our Olympic fencers are among the most passionate advocates for the sport. You’ll enjoy these.

  1. NBC Universal Sports: Get coverage of Olympic sports all year at NBC Universal Sports.

Fencing Club Blogs

Fencing clubs all over the country are online; see what they’re saying!

  1. NYU Women’s Fencing Blog: The members of the NYU women’s fencing team write about the sport.
  2. NC Fencing dot org: The North Carolina region of the US Fencing Association shares news and events at this blog.
  3. Greensboro Fencers Club: Greensboro Fencers’ Club is another example of a local fencing club that is passionate about their sport.
  4. Jen’s Blog – Mid-South Fencers’ Club: Jen Oldham is a coach at the Mid-South Fencers’ Club who blogs regularly about fencing topics such as “Fencing For A Lifetime” and “10 Reasons To Keep Fencing Over The Summer.”
  5. Matt’s Blog – Mid-South Fencers’ Club: Matthew Cox coaches fencing at the Mid-South Fencing Club also, and he brings many years of experience refereeing the sport at its highest level.
  6. Houston Fencing Club: Read news and events from Salle Mauro, the premier Houston fencing club.
  7. Mary Washington Fencing Club: The Mary Washington Fencing Club’s blog discusses current fencing events, club meetings, and movie nights.
  8. The Point.: Olympia Fencing, a fencing academy in St. Louis, is the first of its kind in the area and aims to get kids and parents involves on their website.
  9. Miami Fencing Scene: The Miami Fencing Club keeps its members posted about goings-on in the club and in the world of fencing in general.
  10. jmcgilli’s blog: Jim McGillivray is a teacher at Bloomington Fencing who offers strategies and points to ponder on his fencing blog.
  11. Jason Dazey’s blog: Jason Dazey, one of the coaches at the Bloomington Fencing Club, discusses the lessons learned in class as well as strategy.
  12. jtn’s blog: JTN blogs about his experience in fencing tournaments.

Personal Fencing Blogs

Fencing is an extremely personal “team sport,” as most fencers will tell you. These fencers share their experiences from the strip, product reviews, event notes, and video.

  1. Sentiment De Fer: Sentiment de Fer, a fencing blog written by a woman, was updated from 2005 to 2008.
  2. Craig’s Fencing Blog: Craig has been blogging on since 2007, which led to his invitation to blog fencing at the Beijing Olympic Games.
  3. A Fencer’s Musings: Steve Sin is an American saber fencer who lives in Seoul, South Korea.
  4. The Gray Epee: Jim Kent from North Carolina started fencing at the age of 51 and records his progress here.
  5. Peach-Fencing.Net: Peach is a Pennsylvania teacher who has been fencing for 16 years and enjoys using sabre.
  6. Qatet-Fencing.Net: “Qatet” is a female fencing coach in Austin, Texas who has introspective posts on tournaments and the mental aspect of competition.
  7. lindajdunn – Fencing.Net: Linda J. Dunn reviews fencing equipment such as sports bras and fencing shoes on her blog.
  8. MikeHarm – Fencing.Net: Mike Harm has been fencing foil and epee for seven years and likes to blog about his experience in tournaments.
  9. Allen Evans – Fencing.Net: Allan Evans has been fencing for over 30 years and is currently a fencing coach. His blog offers excellent discussion on fencing strategy.
  10. samh – Fencing.Net: Samh has been fencing for seven years. A Canadian, he primarily fences epee.
  11. I’m fencing like a monkey: An interesting blog by a middle-aged club fencer, self-described as “mediocre.”
  12. Rants, Raves, and Thoughts Unleashed: “The Koby” is blogging about his personal challenge to fence every day for 60 days.

Fencing Coverage and Notes

These blogs and websites are great places to learn fencing results and news from around the sport.

  1. Ten Thousand Fencers: Ten Thousand fencers is a website ambitiously created to get 10,000 new people fencing.
  2. The New Jersey Star-Ledger HS Girls Fencing Blog: Extensive coverage of New Jersey girls fencing on this newspaper blog.
  3. The New Jersey Star-Ledger HS Boys Fencing Blog: New Jersey high school boys fencing is covered well on this blog.
  4. AskFRED: FRED is a great fencing website that enables fencing tournament organizers to post results and events.
  5. Fencing Sucks: This blog is a unique humor website written to “poke” fun at the people and peculiarities of the sport of fencing. Definitely a lot of inside jokes that you just won’t understand unless you’re a fencer.
  6. COLLEGE FENCING College Fencing 360 Blog covers all the latest news and fencing tournaments in the world of college fencing.