Top 50 NASCAR Bloggers & Blogs

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Anyone who thinks that NASCAR fandom is the province of backwoods, redneck, banjo-loving hillbillies who like to crack open a Bud on Sunday and sit around in a wife-beater tank top, watching cars turn left, is living in some sort of weird imagined past. Because NASCAR fandom was never really that. But now, more than ever, being a NASCAR fan puts you in a diverse and passionate group of people who love a sport that gives them action every week and a personal connection with the drivers. It took a while to sift through them all, but we have chosen a list of top 50 NASCAR bloggers, trying to include several in each category. The envelope, please…

NASCAR Blogs By Women

Here’s the first stereotype-buster: Ladies don’t like NASCAR because the drivers are cute. At least, that’s not why most women are fans. Read these blogs to find out more:

  1. 4Wide : At 4Wide, you can read several different good NASCAR blogs. Amanda Vincent’s is notable for its balanced coverage of races.
  2. Kathy’s Pit Stop : Kathy, a mom of three and NASCAR fan, has been following racing since 1993 and blogging here since 2009.
  3. Chad Knaus Fans : Jessica is a San Diego resident who grew up with NASCAR and has a special place in her heart for #14 Chad Knaus.
  4. Church Of The Great Oval : Clance’ McClannahan uses her blog to predict the outcome of every NASCAR race based on astrology.
  5. Dinger World : A self-described “NASCAR fanatic” writes her blog primarily about A.J. Allmendinger, #43.
  6. Unrestricted: My Nascar Rants & Raves : Antonette is a New Jersey girl who LOVES NASCAR and has been blogging since 2005.
  7. Trixie’s Trailer Park : Trixie shares her thoughts about NASCAR, college football, and other important parts of her life. The NASCAR posts have some good analysis.
  8. Amy’s Bad Groove : The Tony Stewart photos which adorn Amy’s blog will clue you in to the fact that she is a die-hard Tony Stewart fan. You have to keep reading to see what a good job she does with the articles.
  9. NASCARista : The NASCAR-ista is a Florida girl who works in an office during the day and writes about all things NASCAR in the evenings.
  10. Skirts and Scuffs : At Skirts and Scuffs, Katy Lindamood leads a team of female bloggers out to disprove the stereotypes about female racing fans.
  11. The Fast And The Fabulous : Valli Hilaire provides a young woman’s perspective on auto racing in her blog, which has interviews with drivers, photos, and detailed race coverage.
  12. Supreme Nascar FAn Merri : Merri is a mom and NASCAR fan who always has time to write about the happenings in a race.

Blogs By Journalists

It is now common for a newspaper journalist to be required to write a blog in addition to a column. Many writers earn their keep by blogging for a TV network, such as FOX or ESPN.

  1. Ed Hinton Blog on ESPN : Ed Hinton has been covering auto racing as a professional journalist fro almost 35 years, so he brings insight and skillful writing to his blog.
  2. David Newton Blog on ESPN : A former lead writer for, David Newton has won awards for his writing numerous times.
  3. The Final Lap with Kerry Murphey : Read radio host Kerry Murphey’s thoughts on NASCAR as well as those of his guest columnists.
  4. NASCAR Chase with Dustin Long : Dustin Long is a journalist who covers NASCAR for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.
  5. Bloggity, Bloggity, Bloggity : Mike Smith, a cartoonist and blogger for the Las Vegas Sun, writes his opinions about current NASCAR happenings on this blog.
  6. NASCAR This Week with Monte Dutton : Well-known NASCAR columnist Monte Dutton discusses news and events in the world of NASCAR.
  7. Racingal’s Fan Blog : Karen Pistone of the Orlando Sentinel continues her excellent work on her own blog.
  8. From The Marbles – Yahoo Sports : Yahoo! Sports bloggers Jay Busbee and Jay Hart keep you posted on all the NASCAR action.
  9. FOX Sports: Lee Spencer : Lee Spencer is the senior NASCAR journalist for Fox Her insider commentary is excellent.
  10. FOX Sports: Darrell Waltrip : Not only is Darrell Waltrip the recognizable voice of the FOX NASCAR broadcasts, but he writes a good column for
  11. Scott Speed Blog On Speed TV : The driver of the Red Bull car in the Sprint Cup series has the perfect name to race and write for the Speed Channel.
  12. Sirius Speedway : This the home of “Sirius Speedway,” a daily radio show on Sirius NASCAR channel 128. Read opinions and news from Dave Moody.
  13. Unrestricted : Reid Spencer, Jim Pedley, Matt Crossman, and others write for The Sporting News’ NASCAR blog.
  14. Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie : Steve and Charlie of “On Pit Row” offer video clips and commentary about the day’s NASCAR action.

NASCAR News and Commentary

These sites, combined, form a vast repository of racing knowledge and material related to the inside world of stock car racing.

  1. NASCAR Community : Believe it or not, over 70,000 people have started blogs here at the NASCAR Community site.
  2. NASCAR Ranting & Raving : Selected as one of the most authoritative NASCAR blogs on the web by the Sports Media Challenge.
  3. Black Flagged Online : Black Flagged Online is the NASCAR version of The Onion or any other satirical web publication.
  4. Dale Jarrett 4ever : One of the top fan bloggers online, DaleJarrett4Ever has been writing his thoughts about NASCAR since 2005.
  5. The Daly Planet with John Daly : This blog discusses the TV coverage of NASCAR and has been doing so since 2007.
  6. Answer This … : This NASCAR fan site focuses on news related to the drivers’ personal lives, featuring photos of their wives, girlfriends, and kids.
  7. Queers 4 Gears : Interesting NASCAR blog written from the perspective of several gay fans.
  8. RacingWin : Get an insider’s view of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing on this blog.
  9. Rev’ Jim’s RantsnRaves : Jim Grady, an Air Force veteran, has been blogging about entertainment and NASCAR at this site since 2006.
  10. Stewart Entertainment : Tony Stewart fans keep this “one-stop source” for Stewart-Haas racing news updated daily.
  11. Track Smack : Track Smack keeps things interesting with a mix of three bloggers from across America. They combine news with opinion pieces.
  12. All Left Turns : All Left Turns covers NASCAR breaking news and offers commentary, giving users a chance to share photos and post comments.
  13. Catchfence : Catchfence covers NASCAR, the Truck Series, and ARCA with up-to-the-minute news and excellent commentary.
  14. Dale Jr Pit Stop : Get information on the next big race, the TV schedule, the track specifications, and everything else you need to know when watching NASCAR events.
  15. The Diecast Dude’s (Mostly) NASCAR Blah Blah Blog : Jerry Wilson has been blogging his NASCAR opinions and analysis since 2003 on various sites.
  16. Frontstretch : This online magazine has several excellent columns which are updated frequently. Not exactly a blog, but the information is too good to overlook.
  17. Race Driven : Brian Vermette has been blogging about NASCAR and great cars since 2005 at
  18. The Catfish Show : Read about the latest news and gossip related to NASCAR.
  19. The NASCAR Insiders : T.C. and Journo give you the real insider’s guide to NASCAR from the perspective of an active crew member and a NASCAR journalist.
  20. The Spotter Stand : The Spotter Stand is a blog and social network founded by two fans with over 25 years racing experience.
  21. Nascar Blog : The writer of this blog provides analysis of the race results as well as many video links to crash footage.

Two Blogs That Defy Categorization

Learn about the science and history of NASCAR on these two engaging blogs.

  1. Historic NASCAR Tracks : Melissa Bleier, historian, loves NASCAR. Therefore, she created a blog to discuss the historic tracks of NASCAR that she thinks have been overlooked.
  2. Stock Car Science : This is an addictive blog about the science of auto racing that will get even a non-NASCAR fan to keep reading.