The Complete List of Must-Read Big Ten Football Blogs

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We’ve poured over countless Big Ten sports blogs to bring you the best analytical content with plenty of team spirit thrown in. The Big Ten Conference consists of 11 schools, most of them being in the Midwest. The conference began in 1895, slowly picking up additional universities along the way. While many schools have been considered to be added to the Big Ten, the last addition was made in 1990 with the arrival of Penn State into the Big Ten family.

Until 1975, league rules prevented Big Ten schools from participating in any football bowls other than the Rose Bowl, making the Big Ten’s bowl appearances and title wins low even for Big Ten dynamos like Ohio and Michigan State. The Big Ten is currently made up of the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

General Football Blogs Over the Big Ten

From recreational bloggers to sports journalists who’ve been tracking the Big Ten conference for decades, the Internet has created a whole new world for football enthusiasts.

  1. FanBlogs – Big 10 Named “…the best blog dedicated to a single sport” by Forbes, this site is full of everything you need to know about the Big Ten. Find archives for your favorite team and news over the variety of BCS bowl games.
  2. ESPN – Big Ten If you’re serious about learning and keeping up with Big Ten football, look no further than this ESPN blog which has an active fan base that loves the comment section. Plus, it’s updated multiple times per day for the ultimate Big Ten junkie.
  3. Big Ten Network The Big Ten Network is a channel devoted to everything Big Ten and it has a stacked website to go with it. Read about the history of Big Ten football and get links to documentaries on Hulu.
  4. The Big 10 Tour If you can’t get to all of the Big Ten games, check out the blog of guys who have. You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate this fantastic blog where a group set off to tackle the 2009 season for Big Ten schools, plus the Rose Bowl.
  5. This NBC site is slick with videos and images, and has extensive Big Ten coverage throughout the season.
  6. Big Ten Fans – Football Lovers of the game will want to drop by this site to check out the feed for all news Big Ten football .
  7. The Rivarly, Esq. It’s a round-up of the Big Ten football teams, who’s doing what and what you need to watch for.
  8. FanHouse – Big Ten Get your Big Ten news at this site that has plenty of links to other college football info you might be interested in.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Ohio State University

With coach Jim Tressel at the helm, Ohio State continues to reign as one of the top football teams in the Big Ten conference.

  1. Eleven Warriors This site is full of everything you need to know about OSU football and also discusses talks new recruits and Big Ten updates from around the region.
  2. Bucknuts It’s all the Bucks news that’s fit to print at this site, which updates about 4-5 times per day.
  3. Block-O-Nation This is a site ran by fans who take OSU football seriously (don’t they all?). Read interviews with players and read passionate best-of lists that will put mainstream sites to shame.
  4. Buckeyes 24/7 Expect the forum that works in conjunction with this blog to be packed once football season starts and read up on everything from the history of football at the school, stats and more.
  5. SB Nation – Ohio State Football SB is a network of 250 sports blogs. Bookmark this page and see anything and everything that mentions OSU football hyperlinked for your reading pleasure.
  6. Buckeye Country This is an interesting blog because it gathers feeds from various news sports news sources, giving you a fresh perspective that’s professional versus some wise cracking guy who thinks he knows the game.
  7. Bleacher Report – Ohio State Football There’s a team of writers working at Bleacher Report and they all provide a unique take on OSU football.
  8. Buckeye Banter Here’s an OSU blog that touches vaguely on other Buckeye sports, but it’s prime focus is football. The writing is sharp and to the point for those who don’t have hours to waste on analytical content.
  9. The Buckeye Battle Cry One of the most provoking college football blogs on the web, The Buckeye Battle Cry is written by a group who know and love the sport . It packs equal parts analysis and humor.
  10. Brutus Report Originally, blog posts were short bundles of content that told you a news story in three paragraphs at most. For the most part, this site still does that and also offers a healthy dose of stats.
  11. The Buckeye Blog This alumni still has a soft spot for the Bucks and his college football blog skewed towards OSU proves that. Check it out for clever commentary that has more personality that the dry guys that only analyze the game.
  12. Buckeye Commentary If you’re looking for a forum, archives to track stats or just plain news over the Buckeyes, this is the place to be.
  13. FanBlogs – Ohio State See what’s on the horizon for Ohio State with this site that has constant updates on OSU and Big Ten news.

Big Ten Football Blogs – University of Michigan

Michigan’s football team holds the record 849 victories, the most of any NCAA team. Football started at the university in 1879 and the team has shown consistent victories that rank them high in the Big Ten standings.

  1. Maizenbluenation This blog boasts a class chart to see who’s who on the Michigan team and just launched a forum that’s sure to be active, if the site’s number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans are any indication .
  2. Big House Blog A one-stop blog for everything University of Michigan, this site offers in-depth analysis of the upcoming season.
  3. Michigan FanSite It’s like the ultimate live feed for all University of Michigan, with constant updates from sources around the web; you’ll easily find yourself checking this site multiple times per day.
  4. The Wolverine Blog This blog examines new recruits and even finds clever ways to pass the off season with Youtube UM greatest moments brackets where readers can vote.
  5. The Michigan Faithful See interview videos, the best of plays and track the future of UM football players at this concise blog.
  6. M Go Blue Football News on recruits, plus fun UM stadium tidbits like folks stealing football turf.
  7. Touch the Banner Written by a high school football coach, this blog is chock full of valid opinions on incoming recruits and their strengths (and weaknesses).
  8. UM Go Blog With full profiles of players and recruiting updates, this site is a great resource for those who love to be in-the-know when it comes to the future roster.
  9. Scout – Michigan An offshoot of Fox Sports, this site has an intensive look at both Michigan football news and recruits.
  10. The Michigan Daily Get a local look at Michigan’s football happenings and follow the site on Twitter for updates delivered to you. .
  11. FanBlogs – Big Ten: Michigan Packed with news, this site is the one to watch for those who are looking for more facts than opinions when it comes to the Wolverines.
  12. M Live — Football In conjunction with M Live network, the football sector of this site is has a live feed with UM news and a comprehensive list of must-reads such as team stats and Big Ten standings.
  13. Midnight Maize When you’re tired of the professional and seemingly professional blogs that analyze the game with no humor, check out this site for major laughs and recaps.
  14. M Go Recruit Believe it or not, this UM recruiting blog is penned by a Londoner across the pond! Still, it’s interesting, concise and offers a new spin on college football blogging.
  15. M Go Football While this blog revolves around UM, it also gives you updated on other Big Ten schools and gives book reviews on great UM football reads.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Pennsylvania State University

Arguably the most rich in history football organization in the Big Ten, Penn State has Joe Paterno and a brilliant marching band to cheer the team on.

  1. Black Shoe Diaries Poignant, hilarious and probably the best blog over Penn State football. If the blog doesn’t satisfy you, check out the podcasts.
  2. Linebacker U – Football Organized and chock full of information you may not find on other Penn State football blogs, this site keeps its eyes peeled for tips and brings breaking news to you multiple times per day.
  3. PSU Football For analysis of what might go down in the upcoming season, see this blog and get a glimpse of Penn State in the news via the handy side bar.
  4. Scout – Penn State Feeds from all over the web give you a quick look at news going on in Penn State football.
  5. Nittany Anthology This isn’t a blog with stats. It’s a blog with stats for nearly the entire football history of Penn State! Afficionados will love going over this site again and again to compare numbers and make predictions.
  6. 2 The Lion Football This is primarily football, but is peppered with a few other PSU sports stories every now and then. On the plus side, it’s written by women, so you don’t have to worry about being annoyed by the bloggers’ ego when reading this one.
  7. The Nittany Turkey If you want humor served up with your Penn State football analysis, this blog’s for you.
  8. Go PSU Sports This is the official website of PSU sports, so it isn’t all football, but it is the best way to get direct news as it breaks.
  9. Nittany Links If you simply can’t get enough Penn State football knowledge, check out this site which boasts links to various sites around the web that will keep you satisfied until the new season gears up.
  10. Penn State Fan Site Live feeds to dozens of sites that mention Penn State. A must-see for hardcore fans who want to know everything.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Michigan State University

The Spartans are after the Land Grant Trophy every year and these are the blogs to follow for analysis on whether they’ll make it.

  1. The Only Colors – Football Get all of your MSU news in one place at this great blog that looks at what the team needs and what to expect from recruits.
  2. Jolly Green Giants For the hardcore MSU football fan, this site is packed with more analysis and stats than you can swallow in one sitting. And you thought you knew a lot about college football.
  3. Spartan Tailgate Powered by ESPN, this blog covers football and basketball, and has a lively discussion forum for those who want to chat with fellow fans.
  4. Sparty MSU This blogger is passionate (the guy traveled the globe and still blogged about the Spartans in the off season!) about the game and has the analytical skills to back it up.
  5. The Enlightened Spartan News on the football and basketball fronts of MSU is what this blog does best .
  6. The Other Side of Spartan Sports The Internet is crawling with fan sites, but this unique blog examines Spartan sports with the school’s history and finances in mind. Read it for news off the field, which can be as interesting as a game in overtime (OK, that’s debateable).
  7. M Live Get your football news at this site where feeds bring you what’s what from sources like AP and The Grand Rapids Press.

Big Ten Football Blogs – University of Minnesota

Maybe there aren’t as many titles to boast, but there’s still plenty of pride in Golden Gopher country.

  1. Gopher Football It may not be the slickest blog on the web, but the content makes up for it. If you’re a football fanatic, this is your blog in a sea of sites that cover all Gopher sports.
  2. Fringe Bowl Team Blog From daily link love posts that gives you Big Ten news to a clever mailblog schtick that gives readers a chance to interact, this site is perfect for those who want an approachable view of the game.
  3. The Daily Gopher When football season is upon us, The Daily Gopher is brimming with in-depth info that supercedes most Minnesota blogs out there.
  4. Scout – Minnesota This site focuses on new recruits for both football and basketball, and can be your edge in making predictions for the Gophers’ future.

Big Ten Football Blogs – University of Wisconsin – Madison

UW – Madison is the flagship school of the UW system. The football program rose in the early 1990s when Barry Alvarez was brought in as head coach, winning three Big Ten Championships and three Rose Bowls.

  1. Bucky’s Fifth Quarter This site covers basketball too, but is your one-stop source when football season is underway. It also tracks past Badgers and their athletic achievements.
  2. I Am a Badger Fan Covering all things Badgers, this blog has a solid grasp on sports analyzing, no matter what sport it is. While the blog has taken an interest in Badgers hockey, expect serious football coverage once the new season begins.

Big Ten Football Blogs – University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign

The days of Illini championships in football are in the past, but these sites give you Illinois football coverage once the ball drops each season.

  1. Hail to the Orange A healthy mix of Illini football and basketball, this site has plenty of the former so you’re up-to-date with recruits and Big Ten expansion news.
  2. The Quad This Illini blog is devoted to all sports at the university, but gets football-centric during the fall season.
  3. Illinitalk Illinitalk has been going strong since 2004, making it one of the most consistent sports blogs for the university on the web.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Indiana University

There are few sites (or people) that focus on Indiana’s football program, but if Hoosier’s other ball game is your forte, check out these blogs for ample coverage.

  1. Crimson Quarry Another fabulous site from the Sports Blog Network, this blog has relevant links to Hoosiers news around the web and provides stellar football and basketball during their respective seasons.
  2. The Hoosier Scoop This site extensively covers basketball, but does a great job of working Hoosier football news into the mix. Stop by for football news on Hoosiers old and new .

Big Ten Football Blogs – University of Iowa

The Hawkeyes joined the Big Ten in 1900 and have garnered a notable season in recent years.

  1. Black Heart Gold Pants This is probably the best Iowa blog on the web. Black Hearts Gold Pants gives a riveting look at football in Iowa that’s never overtly mushy, just hard facts and hope for the future (wins, that is).
  2. Fight for Iowa There’s something endearing about a football fan who’s also an alum. Check out this blog for predictions, game recaps and stories that only a Hawkeye can tell.
  3. Hawkeye Football Facts If you’re a sucker for stats and history, you have to check out this site that’s perfectly organized and categorized making it easy to navigate for your fill of Hawkeye info.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Northwestern University

The Cardiac ‘Cats have a reputation for pulling through when it’s crunch time. Learn more about the team and what’s in store for the upcoming season from these blogs.

  1. Lake the Posts From hooking fans up with a cheap team flag to giving spot-on (and consistent) analysis of what’s to come for the Wildcats.
  2. Hail to the Purple Get the history of the Northwestern football team, stats reports and “foolishly early bowl predictions” at this blog.
  3. Sippin’ on Purple Despite the cheesy name, this site has plenty of Wildcats news and does a great job of covering football when in season. Outside of that, yes, you’ll find news on the other sports that exist .
  4. Spread Far the Fame Even when football season isn’t in full swing, this blog is ripe with witty commentary and relevant news. Any sports writer who is stuck creating content in the off season knows this is no easy feat.

Big Ten Football Blogs – Purdue University

Highly regarded for churning out NFL quarterbacks, Purdue last one a Big Ten championship in 2000.

  1. Boiled Sports This sarcastic clan is spread throughout the U.S., making for varying opinions on nearly everything sports-related. They know Purdue football can be tough and commiserate with fans.
  2. Hammer and Rails Even before the pigskin’s on the field, this site does an impeccable job of giving a thorough analysis of the starting lineup and player profiles that will wet your whistle until September.
  3. Off the Tracks This blog gives all Purdue sports organizations some love, with great coverage of football during the season. It can be your next stop after Hammer and Rails since the writer contributes over there too .

Whether it’s full-on football season or there’s just rumors to be analyzed, these blogs have you covered when it comes to Big Ten news.