10 Useful Resources for Sports Management Students

Are you a sports management student with dreams and aspirations of making it big? Do you long to join the ranks of such powerhouses as Casey Close and Joel Segal? Sports management is a highly competitive field with success depending on hard work, perseverance, and when times call for it, pure aggressiveness.

But if you’re determined enough, it’s possible, just make sure you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to tackle the sports management biz head on! The following is a list of the top 10 resources that will help you learn about the profession and the career opportunities it offers.

#1: North American Society for Sports Management

  • Goal: The NASSM promotes, stimulates, and encourages “study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management – both theoretical and applied aspects.”
  • Why check it out? Members enjoy countless benefits including a subscription to the Journal of Sports Management, access to a wealth of industry information, and discounted NASSM Conference fees.
  • Useful link: Browse the table of contents and article synopses of the most recent issue of JSM.

#2: Sports Networker

  • Goal: SportsNetworker.com is a leading online resource for sports business professionals with information ranging from sports networking, sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports events, sports technology, sports social media, and sports jobs.
  • Why check it out? SportsNetworker.com reaches a “network of over 100,000 sports executives and continues to grow every day.” For that reason alone, visiting this site on a regular basis will keep in you informed on industry happenings, trends, and events.
  • Useful link: Sports Jobs 101 – Find informative articles about starting a career in the sports biz plus an overview of sports social media, sports marketing, and more!

#3: Work in Sports

  • GoalWorkinsports.com is a trusted site with over 12 years’ experience in the sports employment industry. As an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, Workinsports.com connects job applicants to thousands of potential employers.
  • Why check it out? You want to work in the sports biz right? So connecting with the number one job board in the industry is a no brainer.
  • Useful link: Workinsports.com provides free job seeker resources such as feature jobs, sports career spotlights, and upcoming career events.

#4: ESPN

  • Goal: ESPN leads way over the top of its competitors and for good reason. As a global television network, ESPN provides sports enthusiasts with in-depth news, statistics and other resources, as well as bustling, engaging forums.
  • Why check it out? If you want to work in sports management, it’s a must to know team statistics, player bios, and draft picks. ESPN has all of this and more. Spending time on their site each day will keep you informed and keep you in the game.
  • Useful link: By registering with ESPN insider, you’ll have access to message boards, chats, profiles, ESPN the magazine, expert analysis from the top leaders in the field, and much much more.

#5: NCAA

  • Goal: College sports are just as popular as professional sports, if not more, some might argue. And it’s the NCAA’s mission to keep college sports in the headlines while protecting student-athletes.
  • Why check it out? As a sports management student, you’ll likely learn about college sports and the recruiting process. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to pursue a job in collegiate sports marketing or promotions. Either way, the big names in the NCAA will surely enhance your industry knowledge.
  • Useful link: Subscribe to email updates from your favorite colleges and universities to stay up-to-date on all the latest scores, highlights, and player grades.

#6: Sports Central

  • Goal: Sports Central is the “longest-running independent sports fan publication online.” Established in 1998, Sports Central strives to publish the most unique and original sports stories about both collegiate and professional sports.
  • Why check it out? In addition to its thoughtful commentary and intelligent coverage, Sports Central offers students an informative message board and three sports columns that cover the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college basketball and football, as well as tennis, cycling, and fantasy.
  • Useful link: Sports Q & A poses and answers questions on everything from NASCAR to the Super Bowl – a great resource for students looking for information about the latest buzz in sports.

#7: The Sports Info Business

  • Goal: Charlie Harris is a guy with plenty of experience in the sports management industry, and his blog is a testament to his success. With leadership positions with big-name organizations, his posts provides insight into sports business jobs and the people who do them.
  • Why check it out? The best way to learn about the sports biz is to connect with the folks who work in the industry. By following Harris’s blog and Twitter feed, you’ll stay in the know about new developments in the sports business.
  • Useful link: The blogroll and list of categories on the homepage are worth a few hours of perusal for information about sports social media, links to job sites, and updates on career opportunities.

#8: The SportsBusiness Daily/Global and The SportsBusiness Journal

  • Goal: SportsBusiness Daily/Global and SportsBusiness Journal are the leading publications on the business of sports. Both offer substantive news and expert analysis about the sports business.
  • Why check it out? This site is packed with information, and at first glance, you might be overwhelmed. But SportsBusiness is in the business of providing you timely original features and articles that relate to your field of interest so spend time getting to know this site and how it works.
  • Useful link: Pay note to the list of conferences and events as you might find a few that are suited for a sports management student like yourself.

#9: The National Sports Marketing Network

  • Goal: Founded in 1998, The National Sports Marketing Network features the “leading newsmakers and leaders in the sports business industry, including league commissioners, network executives, agency presidents and corporate executives…” Though you must have sports business work experience to qualify for membership, the site does provide updates on industry news. Once you have a year or so under your belt, you might want to consider joining the SMN to reap the many benefits that a membership has to offer.
  • Why check it out? The NSMN has been around for many years and for good reason. Their events and member benefits are second to none. If you don’t have the work experience to qualify for membership, considering contacting a local chapter to learn more and possibly shadow an event.
  • Useful link: Check out the NSMN online specialized bookstore for discounted sports business and management books.

#10: Sports Executives Association

  • Goal: The SEA is a place for both seasoned and new players in the sports industry to stay up-to-date on trends, technologies, and opportunities. The SEA offers useful sports business training books, webinars, and much more to help sports management students and others in the field remain fully informed.
  • Why check it out? Members enjoy educational seminars, networking opportunities to connect with other professionals in the field, member-only discounts to job boards, conferences, and events, and an interactive forum packed full of insight and tips to jump start your career.
  • Useful link: Check out the interview with SEA’s founder, Lewis Howes. It’s both interesting and inspiring!

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Adelphi University MS - Sport Management Adelphi University – The Master of Science in Sports Management from Adelphi University is built to empower your career options in the sports industry. The curriculum focuses on developing skills and knowledge required to be competitive on the job market. Courses might include Event Management, Ethics in Sports, Economics of Sports, and Principles of Sports Management.
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